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Simply because the unexamined life is not worth living.

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My name is Diana and I hate light pollution(except in December and January).
I belong in New York, or anywhere big and busy where I can get lost easily, but sometimes I just like watching the stars in Mount Albert.
Richmond Hill hasn't turned me into a sucky person, like it seems to have done to 95.7% of it's residents.
I like music, and I like booking shows and I like dancing like a fool.
I like kissing.
I smoke like a chimney.
I love the way wine makes my cheeks flush.
My cheeks are sometimes flushed.
I have perfect spelling and grammar.

Now enough about me, let's dance!

com·punc·tion     Pronunciation Key  (km-pngkshn)
A strong uneasiness caused by a sense of guilt. See Synonyms at penitence. 
A sting of conscience or a pang of doubt aroused by wrongdoing or the prospect of wrongdoing. See Synonyms at qualm.